Are you paying too much for accounting and SMSF audit?  Do you want more flexibility in what you can invest in?

At Your Super Specialist we will assist you in meeting all your trustee compliance obligations including the following while keeping your fees affordable and completely tailored to you.

What we can do

  • Annual Financial Statements
  • Member Statements
  • Income Tax Return
  • SMSF Audit
  • Monthly/quarterly/yearly BAS and IAS
  • Trustee minutes and resolutions
  • Transfer Balance Account Reporting (TBAR)
  • Other compliance related documents that may be required ad-hoc

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“I’ve got a SMSF and I want greater flexibility in investments, and access to a passionate team where I can get value for money”

Planning for retirement

What our clients say about us

They are a pro-active and progressive organization, always finding ways to further improve the value of the services they provide.

Murray , Insurance Broker

Accessibility and engagement has always been prompt, professional and efficient with excellent support from their friendly office support team

Tom, Medical Practice owner and Doctor

Their advice and assistance has certainly been of great value in negotiating the many complicated superannuation and taxation rules and regulations applicable these days

Adam , Town Planner

One is always made to feel welcome, either during personal visits or by telecommunication. Your personal requirements are always considered relevant and important. Their help has been invaluable in guiding me through all the various requirements related to accounting and taxation

Ian , Hospitality

Prompt, reliable and accurate advice – no delays, no run-around, no ambiguity.  Friendly and personal service

Davide, Oil and Gas

I will continue using NCA for my SMSF tax advice and lodgement.  I would struggle to find an alternative that provides such value for money

Garry, Financial Controller

I trust Hayley totally and feel I could not manage our Superfund as well without her. I am very happy to recommend Hayley to anyone who requires a competent, accurate and personalised service.

Ruth, Investment trader & Farmer