It’s that time of the year to make sure you, as trustee of your SMSF, are aware of the important dates and deadlines to keep in mind for your superannuation obligations. Have a read to make sure you don’t forget any before it’s too late.

28th February 2022

Tax return lodgement due date for new SMSF’s (for those that have a tax agent)

28th February 2022

December BAS/PAYG due for SMSF trustees that have a tax agent administering their super fund

28th April 2022

TBAR lodgement due date for large SMSF’s that started a pension in the March quarter

28th April 2022

March BAS/PAYG due for SMSF’s

16th May 2022

SMSF tax return lodgement deadline for most super funds

16th May 2022

TBAR lodgement due date for small super fund’s that commenced a pension during the 2021 financial year

16th May 2022

Annual GST return due for those fund’s reporting annually

5th June 2022

SMSF tax return lodgement due date for those receiving a refund

28th June 2022

TBAR lodgement due date for large SMSF’s that started a pension in the June quarter

1st July 2022

New super legislation comes in effect. Read our blog here

28th July 2022

June BAS/PAYG due for SMSF’s

28th October 2022

September BAS/PAYG due for SMSF’s

31st October 2022

Lodgement deadline for super funds that lodged their 2022 tax return late

30th November 2022

Director ID deadline for those who were directors of an SMSF trustee company before 31st October 2021

Other dates to remember:

If you are turning 75 soon ensure your contributions are received by your super fund 28 days after the end of the month in which you turn 75
Are you turning 67? Remember that the new laws for meeting the work turn for those aged 67 and over do not come into effect until 1 July 2022. Read our blog here.

If you have just become a director of an SMSF corporate trustee you have 28 days after being appointed to obtain your Director ID. Read more here on the ATO website to explain how to obtain your ID and when you need to apply.

If you need help navigating the SMSF world, please contact us here.